college concert frenzy (late 80’s)

The Smithereens with some local band – July 3, 1988 – The Cannery, Nashville

This was the first touring band I saw at The Cannery. I had gone to see a local band, Raging Fire there the summer before & that is a whole other story than what I am telling here – there was a great local band scene at that time in Nashville, and I wish I had ticket stubs from all the club shows I saw of so many great local bands over the years. Why didn’t I keep a diary of those shows? Anyway, I loved The Cannery – it will probably always be my favorite place to see a band ever in Nashville. Midnight Oil played there a week before, and I went up with Forrest to see them, but it was sold out when we got there (I did the same thing for Guns-n-Roses that summer at Starwood). I was just so excited to be out in Nashville at this time in my life – I was about to be free from my parents & I was ready.

I don’t remember much about The Smithereens. I don’t even remember who I went with.


INXS with Ziggy Marley – Aug 31, 1988 – Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville

I went to this show with some girlfriends – we had really shitty seats, but my friend Greg had close seats & traded tickets with me, so I ended up in the very front! Michael Hutchence was fantastic, I screamed like the 17-yr old I was. My friend Gwen & I stalked them at their hotel & talked to several of the guys but not Michael Hutchence, unfortunately. If only….he’d still be alive & I’d be the wife of a hot rock god…sigh.


The Church with Tom Verlaine – Sept 29, 1988 – The Cannery, Nashville

When I realize today that I saw Tom Verlaine, I could slap myself for not remembering anything about seeing him. I can’t even recall if I actually watched his set. I do remember The Church being really good. The other thing that sticks out in my mind is meeting up with some guys I knew from Tullahoma, and they were drinking Jack Daniels and being totally annoying. One of them kept yelling the Church’s guitarist’s name over & over at the guy. Summer was over – I was a freshman in college at the time and went to the show with my new friend Stacey.


Iggy Pop with Jane’s Addiction – Oct 15, 1988 – The Cannery, Nashville

Jane’s Addiction had just released Nothing’s Shocking, and they were phenomenal. I had never seen anything like them before, and I can honestly say now 20 years later that I haven’t seen anything like them since. Dave Navarro had long curly hair & he just ROCKED. Perry Farrell was fascinatingly strange. They were amazing, mind-blowing. For their last song, they all came to the front of the stage & did “Trip Away”, all of them banging on this metal thing. It is one of my favorite performances ever.

Iggy Pop was good too, just not as. After seeing Jane’s Addiction, I was overloaded. I went to this show with Stacey, and we were hanging out before the show talking to our friend Cat, and we were approached by a freaky-looking, really tall & skinny guy with bright red dreadlocks who said “Hey ladies…where’s the party at tonight?” We were at a loss for words and just kinda blew the guy off. Later, Jane’s Addiction comes out…that freaky guy was Perry Farrell! hahaha


The Ramones with The Manikenz – Jan 19, 1989 – Nashville Center Stage

Nashville Center Stage was a huge venue on the east side of the river. It became a huge gay nightclub, The Connection, for most of the 90’s, and I have no idea what it is, if anything, now. I went to this show with Mason, and we stood up in the balcony the whole time. I don’t remember much except for the “Gabba Gabba Hey” dancer.


Jane’s Addiction with Clockhammer – Feb 12, 1989 – The Cannery, Nashville

Clockhammer was the best local band, ever. It is a true shame they imploded when they got a record deal. My friend Stacey was obsessed with the bassist, seriously obsessed. I spent many hours hanging out in clubs around Nashville stalking this dude to the point where he thought I was stalking him….good times. Jane’s Addiction was not as fantastic as they were in October, but it was still a great show. However, all I really remember is that I was sick with the flu. Not a great way to enjoy a show.


REM with the Indigo Girls – Mar 31, 1989 – MTSU Murphy Center, Murfreesboro, TN

It is simply wonderful to be able to walk to a concert. I went with Mason, and we had 3rd row center seats!!! The Indigo Girls were horrible; I have never been a fan. REM, however, were superawesome. I remember being SO happy because Michael Stipe waved at me. Our seats were mixed in with a bunch of SAE frat boys, who all wanted hits of Mason’s one-hitter. Ben was at this concert too, although I never saw him. He was just a few rows back.

It was the Green tour, and I love all REM up to just about that album, so it was a very exquisite show for me. I was close enough for Peter Buck for him to hear me yell “Gardening at Night! Gardening at Night!” He looked at me & mouthed “Sorry”. Oh well, I tried.


Red Hot Chili Peppers – April 1989 – Rites of Spring, Vanderbilt Alumni Lawn, Nashville

This was a fun show. I went with Mason, Stacey & Chris Clark – who ended up getting on stage & taking pics of RHCP…I would love to see those pictures now. I loved RHCP then – it was just before Mother’s Milk came out, so they mostly played stuff off my favorite (still) Uplift Mofo Party Plan. I remember Anthony Keidis talking about a 13-yr old girl giving him a blow job and being disgusted. There was a wild party we went to after the show – all I remember is going to it.


Metallica with The Cult – Aug 16, 1989 – Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville

This was a very crazy night. It started off badly, but it could have been much worse. Mason & I went with a friend of his from work – the friend drove, and we got pulled over in Smyrna for speeding. We were all tripping on acid! What idiots we were! Anyway, the cop had no idea, so we made it to the show. We met Stacey & our friend Leticia there – they were both horrified. None of the 3 of us had ever gone to a heavy metal show, so the crowd was a bit different from the alternative shows we saw. We sat out in the grass, not too far from the main walkway. While The Cult played, I saw some friends of mine from high school, and I was so out of it that it didn’t go very well. Stacey threw beer at one of them – I don’t remember much else.

Metallica were fantastic! It was the And Justice for All… tour, so I liked everything they played. There were cool mosh pits to watch out on the lawn. I loved it until shit started blowing up. I had never seen a heavy metal concert, and I was on acid – I seriously thought something had gone wrong, LOL!


The Cure with Shellyann Orphan – Sept 19, 1989 – Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta

My first Atlanta concert! I love Atlanta; I have always wanted to live there, but all the neighborhoods I want to live in there are way out of our price range. I went down with Mason, Stacey & Mark Beasley – we thought The Pixies and Love & Rockets were opening. I do love The Cure, but I was really into Love & Rockets, so I was very excited. When we got to the show, we found out neither band were going to be there. We had never heard of Shellyann Orphan & I, for one, have never heard of her/it since. They were awful – lots of shrieking.

The Cure were good, although I hated watching them from the grass. As far as I can remember, a good time was had by all, despite not seeing The Pixies or L&R.










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