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college concert frenzy (early 90’s)

The Jesus and Mary Chain with Nine Inch Nails – Feb 23, 1990 – The Cannery, Nashville

I don’t remember much about TJAMC except “Just Like Honey”. The smoke machine was working overtime. NIN was awesome; I totally fell for the anemic Trent Reznor, as much as I would hate to admit it. Pretty Hate Machine had been huge; people were all into it. Of course, I tried to be blasé about the whole phenomenon – I didn’t become a “real” fan until Broken. So, this show was basically a scenester show for me. lol


The Cramps with some local band – May 22, 1990 – Nashville Center Stage

The Cramps were fantastic…I remember “tear this damn place up” the most vividly because Lux Interior had stripped down to his thong at that point. He was humping the monitor, the whole nine yards. Lux’s skin was very gray, and I remember thinking I was glad I never did heroin.


firehose with Clockhammer – June 1990 – Lake Cheston – Sewanee, TN

This is one of my favorite concert memories. We drove up in a big caravan to one of my favorite places in the universe – Sewanee, TN. The bands played under a picnic shelter. A thunderstorm brewed during Clockhammer’s set…one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen. I wonder if anyone recorded it – it should have been documented. I do remember thinking Clockhammer was the best band I’d ever seen. As the night progressed, I ended up stealing Clockhammer’s beer with Mike Fucking Watt! I thought he was one of Mark B’s friends – an ordinary Joe – because he was such a cool guy. This show also marked the beginning of my relationship with Frank Booth. Even though Mason was there, Frank and I were all over each other and it only got more intense as the summer went on. I can’t remember if we stayed up at Sewanee or went back to the Boro that night – it was a good thing I wasn’t driving.


Peter Murphy with House of Love – July 21, 1990 – 328 Performance Hall, Nashville

At this point, I had not seen any Bauhaus members live, so I was very excited about this show. I guess I was buying beer with a fake ID because I remember being really drunk sick during House of Love’s set. This was my first show to see at 328, my most favorite ever concert venue here. I remember FUCT were playing that night too at some club opening up in Melrose…that’s where all the boys were, which allowed me to give all my attention to Peter Murphy, who was fantastic. Even though I did and still do like his solo stuff, I wanted to hear Bauhaus songs – I knew he most likely wouldn’t do any of those, so I wasn’t too disappointed when he didn’t do any. He didn’t really need to, though, because his performance was so fantastic he could have sung “Mary Had a Little Lamb” the whole time and still wowed me.

Harry Connick Jr. – Sept 21, 1990 – Jackson Hall, TPAC, Nashville

All I really remember from this is Lyle Lovitt sat in front of us.

Skinny Puppy with Babes in Toyland, Mississippi Nights, St. Louis

Ogre on stilts and animal cruelty videos playing on TV screens all over the stage, it was different, for sure. I went on a road trip with Ben and a bunch of other people – Ben and I had just gotten together, so the entire weekend in St. Louis/University City was magical. We missed Babes in Toyland, unfortunately because we ran out of gas on our way there from Murfreesboro. I really liked St. Louis.